Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ellowyne... our new Bleuette sister!

Maman went to a doll show in Puyallup, WA on October 16, 2010.
Zoe and I didn't go with this time. It was a hurried sort of trip, and Maman only spent one night in Tacoma. She said the weather was gorgeous. It was cold but sunny with a bright blue sky.
Papa noticed the booth in the picture above.
He has a very beady eye. Maman hurried right over to the booth.
Here is Maman building a Bleuette! She got to choose a face mold and she picked out this one with brown eyes. This is a Seely Gold mold. It's also a 60/80 mold, which is what Helena is too! Maman didn't notice that until she got home. (they have a dimple in their chins!)
Maman took 45 minutes to choose a wig. She tried them all on. She loves ringlets and we now have 2 brunettes and 2 blondes in our family. Here Maman is putting socks and shoes on the new girl.

Meet Ellowyne! She whispered her name to Maman on the trip back! Ellowyne is just a little bit bossy but she knows that I'm in charge of the Bleu Manoir so I don't think I'll have too much trouble with her.
She is very pretty up close. She is a little embarrassed to be shown here without her unders and all.
Maman needs to make her some unders and a new dress. Right now Ellowyne is borrowing our things.
It's exciting to have another new sister but where will it stop?
I think Maman is getting just a little carried away. But this time it was Papa's fault! Plus Ellowyne was only $99.00 plus her wig.
Love from Yvette Marie

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yuis said...

Oops, Ellowyne without her unders... but she is so pretty either way!