Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Yvette Marie's new dress

Here I am, wearing a lovely new lavender gingham dress, made by Maman of course.
She found a small piece of fabric in her stash. Now this isn't any ordinary fabric. It's 50 years old! It's vintage. Her Maman made a dress out of it a long time ago.
Look below and you will see Maman as a little girl in 1961, sitting on her Maman's lap.
See the pretty dress?
I'm so happy to have one made out of the same fabric.
Grandmere loves to save pretty things. You can see how handy this is.
I'm way behind on posting. Papa and Maman tore apart the office and the computer desk was sold.
The office is looking much better with all that stuff gone, but the rest of the house is a disaster.
The problem with keeping everything is that it soon piles up and it's too much.
Maman has had 3 migraine headaches in one week.
I think it's because throwing away the stuff is wearing her out.
Please leave a comment and let me know how you like my new dress!
Love from Yvette Marie


Anonymous said...

How wonderfully sentimental! What a gorgeous photo that is of Maman with her Maman.
The new dress is beautiful!

yuis said...

Yvette Marie's new dress is darling! I am so sorry your Maman had a migraine headache 3 times in one week! Oh dear... how awful. I hope things get better soon... Miss Gladys

Linda said...

Very pretty new dress!