Monday, October 18, 2010

Maman's artwork

Last night Maman was fiddling with her Microsoft Picture It Publishing Program.
She's had it for around 10 years.
For some reason she got very brave last night and she figured out how to crop me and Zoe and put us in any photo! It's such fun you wouldn't believe it!
So here we are at Beacon Hill Park in Victoria. Maman used a different button to create the artwork so the picture doesn't look like a photo.
What do you think? Isn't it neat?


Linda said...

Cool! I don't think I have a photo program

colleen said...

ThierrySucette here--don't put my name in any drawings, please!
Now you all can go anywhere! Even time travel!I am begging Maman to let us go to all sorts of places... She says perhaps when the autumn chores are done-- maybe even not until after Christmas(sigh!)
I hope you are having fun!
Hugs from ThierrySucette

yuis said...

Maman Houben, you are having too much fun! (smile)