Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Autumn Tea

Saturday, October 23, 2010 was a very exciting day!
We knew friends were coming over for tea, but when we came down to the kitchen,
someone new was there. It was a new sister!
Maman and Papa travelled to Puyallup WA last weekend and brought her back with them, and they kept it a surprise until today.
She told us her name is Ellowyne.
She is a Seely Gold mold, made by Terri Pender in WA.
Isn't she pretty? She is borrowing my autumn dress from last year, which Maman made.

Here is most of the gang squeezing into our kitchen.
I'm sitting at the table with Phoebe, who belongs to Sarah Jean.
Next to her is Helena, then Madeline, Emma Grace, Matilda and Ashley, with our new sister, Ellowyne, way in the back.

Here is Zoe in the back garden with Emily and Phoebe.

And here are all the Mamans together!
Our Maman loves to have tea parties.
This is the very first Bleuette tea, because last year Maman's friends didn't own any Bleuettes, and Sarah Jean lived far away in Toronto.
We think it's so very exciting that suddenly everyone has Bleuettes, except for Tante Leona, who is Maman's sister. But we're working on her.

Maman had a door prize. Everyone put their name in for the Drawing.
Papa pulled one name out.
Ashley won the prize! Ashley belongs to Maman Isabelle.

Here's all the Mamans with their Bleuettes.
Please click on the picture to see us all very well.

Here we are in the country, getting ready for the hayride!
We did this first, before the tea.
Tante Leona loaned us the horse and buggy.

Here we are meeting our new sister, Ellowyne.

Oh, this was such fun! The weather was fine too.

Zoe holding the picnic basket.

We found a spooky graveyard nearby the place we stopped to have our picnic.

Some of us were very scared.
We were sad when everyone had to go home.
I hope everyone comes back again soon!
Love from Yvette Marie


Linda said...

That was such fun, thanks for having us!

Madeline and Emma-Grace

ps...Emma-grace is still shivering from the spooky graveyard!

yuis said...

Oh, your new sister Ellowyne is so pretty. It looks like everyone had such a wonderful time at the tea. I was much taken with Ashley! Such a lovely girl!