Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Admiral Camp and picnics

At last, we're on our way! We packed our clothes in the now empty treasure chest, and fastened it to our little row boat along with our flotation device.
Maman gave us 2 sturdy oars.
Here we are, going down the mighty Fraser River. We met a few dolphins along the way.
Aren't they cute?
On Sunday afternoon we stopped in at Madeline's house for a picnic.
We spent the night there too.
Maman forgot to take pictures in the dark.
We are so excited to nearly be at Camp!
Admiral Camp will last for one week!


CindyJane63 said...

Hi Zoe & Yvette Marie! I love following your adventures. You have a good blog. Tante CindyJane and your friend, Margot

Linda said...

Madeline enjoyed having company I think!