Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zoe's Adventure on an Island

It's me Zoe who is typing now.
This is me when I got to Vancouver Island.
We went for a walk along the beach.
Maman said this is Bazan Bay.
It was lots of fun and this was after the fun ferry ride.
Maman bought me some pretty shells on the ferry to share with Yvette Marie.
She didn't come with because Maman says it's too hard to take care of 2 Bleuettes at once.
I don't think we're too much trouble.
Maman brought the piece of driftwood home for our garden.
It was just my size!

The next day we went to a beautiful place.
It was just like Heaven must be!
It's called the Butchart Gardens.
Here I am with Maman holding me and Grand-maman and Grand-papa beside us.
I got to have High Tea in the lovely dining room.
It was scrumptious.
We walked for a long time in the pretty gardens.
We were here for 4 hours. I'm kissing a frog for the you know what.
But I didn't see one.
It's just so lovely here.

This is the sunken garden.
This is the Italian Garden.
I did so wish Yvette Marie could be here too.
She loves gardening.

It was a wonderful holiday. Maman says she could live here and I could too.
Papa said it was too cold for him. We think it was just perfect!

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Linda said...

Zoe looks like she had a wonderful time!