Thursday, August 12, 2010

For Madeline

Oh my goodness! We just found a comment from our new friend Madeline.
We didn't know how to check for comments but now we do.
I'm so sorry to hear your family had red eyes from the smoke.
Maman had problems too.
Today she was still sore from the migraine she had yesterday.
She gets them a lot but not too much this summer.
We don't have a basement.
But we do have one of those animals with big teeth!
We stay far away from her.
Up above is a picture of Madeline in the hotel near the doll show we all went to back in March. Maman got a lovely new friend for us too. She is in pink. Madeline is in white.
Aren't they both pretty?
Madeline, I'm glad you wrote to us.
Maman is making a wonderful prize for the one whose name is picked out of the big bowl.
I hope you're out of the basement now.
Hugs from Yvette Marie & Zoe

1 comment:

Linda said...

Dearest Yvette Marie and Zoe, we were so surprised to see me in your blog!! Maman hasn't figured out how to get the blogs to come to her email baffles her she says and she can't figure out how she did it with the other blog. It is soo hot at our house that I am hiding in the basement. My Maman has covered the windows upstairs to try and make the house cooler tonight. I hope it works!!