Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer bathing suits

We forgot to post yesterday. That's because something called Humidity hit us all really hard.
We didn't feel like porcelain dolls...we felt more like rag dolls!
We're not used to that feeling and we don't like it much.
Anyhow that's me, Yvette Marie, in the picture above.
Maman made this play suit for me with the matching sand pail. The suit is called Barboteuse.
This was last summer.
Here is Zoe in a 1933 LSDS bathing suit. Maman likes to try out all the different fashions from all the different years. We think it's fun too. She is working on a matching bathing suit for me too.


colleen said...

Yvette Marie and Zoe! It is ThierrySucette here again posting because Maman just does not get it.
I know what you mean about feeling like rag dolls. It is very humid here in NC. Maman says after summer we get 9 months of very pleasant weather and sometimes even snow to play in in the winter.
Are you going to Admiral Claire's camp? Maman signed me up with Genevieve and today she brought home a boat for us from the flea market. We are so excited. Unfortunately her sewing skills are worse than her computer skills so we shall see what happens with our uniforms.
Hugs from ThierrySucette

Linda said...

Yvette Marie, that is a very cute photo from last haven't changed a bit from a year ago I don't think! I am staying in the basement to avoid the heat and the humidy something....too big words for my mouth to say. The smoke from the fires had my families eyes all sore last night. I don't think it is as bad today cause the winds are blowing, but for some reason I am still in the basement...which is alright...those huge white scary things that run around this house with great big sharp teeth and smelly breath and tails that could kill a little kid like me won't come downstairs and find me here and my mom doesn't remember too well...there is a puter down here so I can find all sorts of things to do all day....when the mailman arrives with a package for me one day soon, I will just tell my Mom she must have forgot she ordered something for me, she probly won't remember....tee hee...

Your friend,