Monday, August 30, 2010

Admiral Camp Visitor's Day

Sunday, August 29, 2010 was Visiting Day at Camp.
Our new sister, Helena, showed up with a red balloon for us,
and she also brought cookies!
Zoe lost the pretty balloon in the woods when we went for a short hike.
She only had 3 because she had burned the rest.
The cookies were delicious.
We didn't mind that there were so few because we had a yummy lunch at the Mess Hall later.
We took Helena to Sunday School lessons by the river the first thing.
The mosquitoes weren't too bad today.
We showed Helena where we sleep.
We wanted her to try sleeping overnight but she wanted to go home with Maman.
In the afternoon we sailed on Lexie's pretty sail boat.
We sailed with Ada Matilda too! It was lots of fun.
We're going to learn knot tying today. I can hardly wait!


Lilymadonna said...

so fun for Helena to visit and how great she brought cookies!

Linda P said...

num num...cookies!

Isabelle said...

Your Blogs are so interesting and what away to
show off all the wonderful things your girls are
doing. Love them all.