Thursday, August 12, 2010

For ThierrySucette

This is our new penpal, ThierrySucette.
So far she has left us the mostest comments.
We're going to put them in a big bowl and in September on Labour Day we will pull out one name. We will announce the winner of the lovely prize on that day.
We think the prize is a beautiful Hanky Dress made by Maman.
We'll post a picture of it closer to Labour Day.
ThierrySucette, we're glad your Maman has figured out how to let you leave us messages.
We just found them today! We are so excited to get messages, sort of like in a bottle.
We hope you don't mind your picture showing up here on our blog.
We think you are so pretty in your beautiful new white dress.
Hugs from Yvette Marie


colleen said...

Oh! I just found your message and my photo !
Of course I do not mind--- I was a professional model for SassySusie all my life until I came to NC to live with Maman and my cousins.
I wish my Maman would learn to sew me a hankie dress. She says she may get a book and see....
This is fun!
Hugs, ThierrySucette

Linda said...

My Maman says if I am good and read all the stuff about Yvette Marie and Zoe every day and if I tell you I do I might win a hankie dress....I think i need to win a hanky dress because my Maman is not doing too well at this sewing stuff and I may be living in my uniform forever and it is getting pretty smelly from crawling through bushes at the river and stuff and my Maman says my socks are never going to be clean again....who knew I would get sooo dirty having fun?