Saturday, August 7, 2010

When Yvette Marie first came to Maman's House

Here I am my very first day in Canada!
This was May 21, 2009.
I arrived in my petticoat so Maman added some roses at the waist.
I also needed new unders and she made those for me too, before making my first outfit.
Look below for that.
I love this outfit! It's a Marin Outfit and the pattern was Free from the BSC.
There was a fun Challenge going on at the time.
Maman remembered how to make pleats.
She also created my red sandals.
My maker is Connie Zink. I'm a SFBJ 301 reproduction, with a Global Composite body made in Germany. My first Maman was Jill. She sold me to my present Maman for $185. I'm wearing a mohair wig.
I love living in Canada. I live near the Pacific Ocean and it is so pretty here.
I was lonely until Zoe came here too. I'll let her tell about that story in the next post.


colleen said...

Oh Yvette Marie! What a lucky little girl you are. Your Maman sews beautifully ! You look fabulous in red. I love your blog. ThierrySucette and the girls will visit soon- they are trying on their White Challenge dresses so that they can be formally introduced to BSC. Cordially, Colleen

Linda said...

Very pretty pictures...That Yvette Marie has so many clothes! I am going to come and hunt through her trunk and trade her my uniform for a pretty dress when camp is over i think...a dress with underware....good thing I am wearing pants and no one has on their exray vision glasses because under my uniform there are no underware..can you imagine?? The indignities I suffer...sigh