Saturday, August 7, 2010

When Zoe first came to Maman's House

It's my turn to type.
I'm Zoe.
I came with Pere Noel last year to Maman's house.
It was December 23 and nearly Christmas Day!
Someone was already living in the Big Girl's House on the window seat.
She was all alone and so lonesome. Of course that's my sister Yvette Marie.
But I didn't know that then.
My first Maman was Marcie who lives far away in Florida.
Maman Marcie decided that Yvette Marie was just too lonesome here in Canada.
She asked all my sisters and me who would like to come here to live.
I put up my hand because I do like adventures!
So when Pere Noel stopped by I hopped in his big bag on his sleigh.
I was so happy to be with Yvette Marie. She was wearing a new red dress and hat made by Tante Sarah Jean who lives in another part of Canada.

I also got a new dress and new shoes and socks and a hair ribbon.
Maman made my red Allure dress for a December Challenge.
It's very pretty and I can hardly wait to wear it again.

Here is Maman holding both of us.
Christmas 2009 seems like a very, very long time ago.
I've had so many fun times since then.
I'm glad I got to tell you all about how I came here.
It was so kind of Maman Marcie to send me here, and my Maman still hasn't gotten over it.
Hugs and things from Zoe.


colleen said...

What a Good Story! You are a lucky little girl, Zoe , to have such a sweet sister Yvette Marie and a lovely house and a Maman who loves you.Plus Tante Marcie! I love your blog. Cordially, Colleen
ThierrySucette finally showed me how to do this-- she and the other girls will be commenting soon.

Linda said...

Zoe's red dress is so pretty! Very Christmassy