Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our treasure chest adventure

We went on an adventure yesterday afternoon.
It was a Boiling Hot Day.
It was nearly 35 C which is 100 F.
That is very hot!
We took our new boat.
Maman helped us. A big wave nearly washed us away!
I fell backwards in the boat and my braid got wet.
Maman finished my bathing suit yesterday.
She had a Migraine because it's too hot.
She sewed very slowly but she got it done.
Here Zoe and I are getting the boat docked before it washes away. Right away Zoe found a lump in the sand.
The sand was quite hot but we started to dig.
The lump felt very hard.
I thought it was a big shell.
Zoe thought it might be a treasure chest.
Look! Zoe was right!
The wooden chest was filled with rubies and emeralds and gold beads.
We were so suprised! Maman said we could keep them.
We need to clean them up first. They are very dusty.
I guess they are from a pirate's ship!
A long time ago there used to be smugglers along the BC coast.

Zoe and I were so tired after our rowing and digging.
We rested by the water and shared a picnic lunch.
I love my new bathing suit!


Linda said...

oh my goodness, you found buried treasure!!! How exciting and a day at the beach too! You are very lucky little girls and your Maman is brave to take you so many places!

yuis said...

We have been having Boiling Hot Days, too. Thank you for your very sweet stories! I am Miss Gladys and my Bleuettes are Anais and Babet Chantelle.

Jacque said...

Beautiful Blog !!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a blog where I offer Vintage images. Blog: Jardim Das Borboletas - Vintage.

colleen said...

oo lala! That was clever of you to find treasure. You both look very smart in your matching bathing suits. It looks like a very lovely beach where you live.
Hugs, ThierrySucette