Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our last day at RAC Camp

We met some new friends at RAC Camp.
ThierrySucette and GeneviveDoree gave Zoe and me a horseback riding lesson today!
It was a lot of fun! Here I am riding a nice gentle horse named Shadow.
This is Zoe on a horse named Aura.
Isn't the Island pretty? We just love it here.
Thanks so much, Thierry and Genevive!

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judipatootie said...

i just found you again!! Love the horse back riders,,Thank you for visiting my Bleuette blog so often, it seems liek a waste of time when I dont get feedback.. I love doing itI had fun with teh RAC camp, to bad teh photos stuff has been so aggravating,,it took the glow off the celebrating.
Tell me when you were at LSU> My SIL is Associated Dean, Education.. she been there and at teh Lab school for many years. My Daughter is Director of Distance Learning, Ourso College of Businessand is teaching several comouter and ISDS classes, my neice and husband are bot there in recruiting, my Graandson is in his 3 year undergraduate,, I attended, have 60 or so hours there,and an accociate degree in Interior design,,aand many hours in ART from Mississippi GUlf Coast Community College//Grew up in BR and Lived in Mississippi 16 yraes, rest of life since 18 has beeen here in denham springs