Monday, August 9, 2010

Our Spring Trip to Washington

Ever since Zoe came to live here we've had exciting adventures!
We went on our first road trip together in March.
We travelled safely in my trunk.
Maman made our Teal Outfits for us, using a pattern from Robin Barrows on eBay.
She even made us little name tags because we were going to meet other Bleuettes!
After the doll show Maman had lunch with Tante Bonnie and Tante Donna.
Aren't we cute? Tante Donna made us our bunny masks.

This is a picture of all the goodies Maman bought for us!

Here is Papa and Maman and us.
The pretty girl in the white dress was bought at the doll show.
Her name is Madeline and she belongs to Tante Linda.
We were all in such a rush to get back to the doll show that we forgot to put Tante Linda in the picture! She came in our car with us.
It's fun to meet new friends and travel too.


colleen said...

ThierrySucette here--GenevieveDoree typed in a comment and lost it because she tried to change the picture of me to one of her!
You LUCKY GIRLS!! You have a trunk! Where do you then put all of your things when you travel in it?
You have such lovely adventures. I love the Bunny masks. Also, such pretty matching teal ensembles.You look like you are having so much fun in the photos!
You are so lucky to live in BC. Here in NC we are wilting. Maman took us outside this morning to pose in our White Challenge dresses and it was hot and sticky and mosquitoes buzzed around us. Very annoying. We are hoping it cools down a bit for camp!
We so enjoy your blog!
Hugs from ThierrySucette

Celestial Charms said...

What beautiful dolls. They look like an adventurous bunch! I'm jealous of their travels. :)

Linda said...

Tante Linda had lunch with Donna and Bonnie too....remember?