Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to the Bleu Manoir!

We're so happy you found our new blog!
Maman said we could post here each day.
The picture above shows Zoe on the left and me on the right.
I am a brunette SFBJ 301 model handmade by Connie Zink.
My body is a Global composite made in Germany.
Maman bought me last year and I arrived in her home on May 21, 2009.
Zoe is very special.
She came at Christmas time last year. She was a gift from Tante Marcie.
Zoe is made by Candy Anderson and she is a model 251.
Bleuette dolls were always made in France many, many years ago.
The first ones were made in 1905 and little girls got one for free when their Mamans subscribed to a magazine called La Semaine de Suzette.
Now all those dolls are very expensive to buy, but Maman isn't interested in them.
She is only interested in us!
If you come back each day you can read more about us.
See you tomorrow!
Love from Yvette Marie


Linda said...

cute girls, Zoe is so photogenic! I love her sweet face! PS...it looks like you require a google account but not a blog account to sign in so if anyone wants to comment, they might need to have a google account like gmail maybe...

Loretta said...

Thanks, Linda! You are the one and only person to comment so far. Tee hee...you will win the grand prize for sure if this keeps up! Well, I can only try. It will be fun.

colleen said...

ThierrySucette here. Maman says her posts do not go thru so I am sending hugs to both of you. Maman is a sweetie but she does not know computer skills very well.
We LOVE your blog here in NC.
Hugs from ThierrySucette

Trisha said...

Well guess I'm really a goner for these darling bleu's considering I've never become a follower of any blog. I just have to keep up with Yvette Marie and Zoe's adventures. But I'm not sure that my girls can see this blog since I'm pretty sure they'd want one of their own.

yuis said...

This is Miss Gladys here. I only have two Bleuettes as well- Anais and Babet Chantelle. They are the best of friends. They are both Jumeau Premiere, but they look every different because they have different complexions. Babet is mulatto and a nice chocolate color. They both love your babies' hanky dresses! Have a great day!