Friday, August 13, 2010

Yvette Marie's favourite hobby

I really love to help Maman with the flower garden.
Here I am last summer helping to water the snapdragons.
Maman needs to take another picture of me gardening.
Her garden is much bigger this year. It's very pretty.
She only plants flowers. She doesn't plant veggies because she shops at Farmer's Markets each Saturday and the veggies and fruit are so delicious.
She says it's cheaper that way.
Today we had a heat wave so none of us went outside.
Well, only Maman did, to water the garden.
Maman has half way finished my bathing suit.


Linda said...

What a pretty garden and a pretty dress! It is a heat wave in my yard too...I need my Maman to make me shorts or something but she says she is too hot to make anything...sigh...

colleen said...

Your garden is lovely and you look so pretty in it, Yvette-Marie! Our garden looks nice in spring. It turns into wilderness in our hot summers, then Maman cleans it up in fall and winter so that it will be pretty again until it gets too hot. Maybe one or two of us will help her this year!
We love your posts and photos.
Hugs, ThierrySucette